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These were the other Pokedoll shots of my collection that never made it to my DA. You can see the reason why, cause of the fuzziness of some and it didn’t really show the collection as a whole. In total I took 33 shots, and only 3 were satisfactory enough to be put on my DA, but these 6 shots were the best preferably.

These photos were taken on August 26th, 2012, and I had a total of 127 pokedolls back then. This is now outdated, since I’ve gotten 11 more pokedolls after this was taken (and 2 more on the way to make it to 140 even) I plan to take another photoshoot sometime in the future, but next year. I don’t feel that I have a dramatic amount of Pokedolls to do another.

Just figured that I should post this here to share :3 Please do not claim this collection as your own, instead just reblog back.


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